On Internet Writing Styles

I bury the lead. A lot. Most of the time, in fact.

I am aware of the inverted pyramid structure for writing newspaper articles. I understand search engine optimization. I realize that getting to the heart of the matter quickly is good for eyeball retention and PageRank. But I still bury the lead on most of these posts.

This web site is my personal voice. And I don't speak in the edited prose of a newspaper column.  I tend to speak in anecdotes and asides.  When I'm relating a fact I tend to turn it into an opportunity to tell a story.  To add context and opinion.  That's just my personal style.

It doesn't apply in all arenas of life.  When I write work emails or communicate verbally with colleagues on business matters I tend to be very concise and to the point.  But I don't consider this web site to be a professional endeavor.  It reflects the style of my personal life, not my office communications.

I've thought about trying to write more in a more professional tone that would help out my search engine results and perhaps attract more readers.  But in the end, it's not faithful to the spirit of what I'm trying to accomplish.  So I'm comfortable with the trade-off.