Trying out MarsEdit

Last week I wrote that I was trying out MacJournal as an authoring tool.  While I liked MacJournal for offline private journaling, it didn't really work for updating this site.  I've downloaded MarsEdit version 3.0.3 to see if it fits my needs better.  So far it does.

The MarsEdit screen is automatically divided into a top and bottom section to compose items before and after the "cut".  It reminds me of years ago when I used the Clarify CRM software which had a top/bottom split window for public and internal case comments.  It's a good design.

I haven't figured out a way to embed YouTube videos using the rich text editor but I can switch to the HTML edit view to post an embed tag.  I'd like a little more native support for such a popular video sharing support, but I can live with it.

MarsEdit does have good support for posting draft versions, categories, and tags.  I think it will work well for me as an offline composer.