I saw an interview with Leah Culver of Convore on This Week in Startups and it motivated me to check out the site. It's a pretty great idea - it's a real time chat/forum application. The idea is that you can create a group and then post topics, as in a forum, but it operates more like a chat site although the chat history is archived as a forum would be. Right now it's an early stage site with some funding from Y Combinator but I think it has great potential.

I'd love to see a Wordpress plugin that would essentially allow me to replace Disqus with Convore. My thinking web site owners could create a group for their web site and automatically have new topics created as articles are posted. Then there could be an embedded component that would allow for real time communication about the article.

I think it's silly that in 2011 if I go to a web site like the New York Times, I know that there are hundreds of people there but I have no way to see them or interact with them. Convore could be the solution to that.