Digest: Startup Edition

Here's a few cool early stage (and not so early stage) startups I've come across.


Moki bills itself as, "the ultimate guide to online entertainment."  The service provides a way to discover content from Amazon VOD, Netflix, Hulu, and other online video providers.  Sort of a TV Guide for the web.


The next cool early stage startup is Noteleaf.  The concept with this company is that they provide you a briefing on people who you have meetings scheduled with.  The workflow is that you add a meeting to your Google calendar and the service will send you a text message that links to a "mobile profile" about the person that aggregates information about the person you're meeting with from various online services such as LinkedIn.


Not as new, but along similar lines is Xobni (inbox spelled backwards).  Xobni provides similar capabilities to Noteleaf but is organized around the inbox instead of the calendar.  Based upon your SMS and email history it creates a rich address book with profiles of the people you contact populated by information from their online presence.


I've heard a lot of people talk about Twitter as a news service that's curated by people you select.  Taking this view to the next level, paper.li allows you to create a daily "newspaper" based upon Twitter and Facebook posts.


I came across Fitbit through Brad Feld's blog.  It's a $99 device that you wear which tracks your vitals and gives you insight into your personal fitness as well as sleep habits.  You can choose to share the data publicly, as Brad Feld has done, or not.  If I ever get serious about getting back into shape this would be a great service.