A Few Minor Things

A few relatively minor updates for today.

Firstly, I think I am switching my primary browser from Firefox to Safari (at least on my personal Macs).  It's strange- I have used Firefox almost exclusively for about 10 years so it's bizzare to contemplate a change given that I am such a creature of habit.  I've always had Chrome and Safari and a few other browsers installed for cross-platform testing but my go-to has been Firefox for a long time.

I'm not terribly unhappy with Firefox, but their release cycle has become a froth which makes half my extensions broken most of the time.  I literally just opened Firefox to check the About box because it occured to me that I might be on the development channel and could be making an unfair characterization.  I am on the "release" channel and Firefox is now downloading an update.  I used Firefox earlier today.  Point made, I think.

Besides, given my investment in iOS I want to try out Safari on a full time basis to see if the iCloud tab syncing and the like will be useful for me.  I plan to use Safari at least until some time after iOS 6 comes out and if I don't find my life improved I may return to Firefox.  No big deal.

Second update, I signed up for an app.net charter account/membership.  I'm not really sure why.  I barely publish anything using the existing free services but I suppose I like the idea of there being paid services on the Internet which are accountable to their paying customers as opposed to having the incentive to probe and exploit their users to satisfy other companies' marketing whims.  Not that I'm against the online advertising business model; I just think there should be more than one prevailing way of doing things.  So I am supporting once such endeavour.  I have no idea if it will get traction.  They really need a different name though.

Third update, I looked at moving this site to the new SquareSpace 6 platform because it offers some things I like such as automatic mobile support.  I haven't switched because it's not currently possible to customize the layout of the templates on SS6 and that's too limiting for my taste.  Once they get their developer platform launched I will take a look again.

Fourth update, I'm kind of over social networking.  I've deactivated my social profiles, except for Twitter which I mostly use for consumption and LinkedIn which I mostly use for nothing at all (seriously, what is the point of LinkedIn? I really don't know).  I might reactive the other ones at some point.  I just realized that it had changed from being about tools to help me engage with my social connections to being a substitute or voyeurism in place of actual social interaction.  Plus I just wasn't finding much to relate to in the endless stream of baby and wedding pictures.  In the words of The Smiths, "the music that they constantly play says nothing to me about my life."

Fifth update, nobody reads this site so I don't worry much about my voice or my choice of topics, but actually this blog is more or less about technology.  So I think I might add a second tab at the top to talk about music.  Because I like music.  And that was the one thing that I did like to do on Facebook- share music videos from time to time.  So maybe I'll just do that here instead.  From time to time.