Poking my Head Up

2013 has been an eventful year for me, and yet not so conducive to keeping up with adding content to this web site.  Things have finally started to settle down a bit, so I thought I'd post this to let the world know that I haven't forgotten about this site completely.

Back in April, I left my position with Booz Allen Hamilton.  It was a great job working with a great group of people and I was very reluctant to pull the trigger and move on.  But, a friend of mine was starting Virtru, a software company in the information assurance space, and I felt the pull of going back into the startup lands.  Unfortunately, that didn't turn out to be a good fit for me and a few months later we decided to part company.  We went our separate directions remaining friends, and I definitely wish my buddies at Virtru all the success in the world!  In July I took my current position as a Solutions Architect working for Cloudera.  The past few months have been busy getting up to speed with a new company, new customers, new expectations; the typical new job experience.

While there is a lot that I miss about my old position with Booz Allen, one potential upside of not working there any longer is that it frees me up to write more here.  It's not that Booz Allen doesn't allow blogging.  They encourage social media engagement.  But the problem is that being a large strategy and technology consulting firm, they don't want to be seen to be favoring one vendor versus another.

Of course their clients will receive the best advice Booz Allen is able to give when it comes to technology selection.  But it's awkward for the firm if thousands of their consultants are writing their personal opinions and experiences all over the Internet.  So, while there was no prohibition against blogging, I tried not to write on anything even remotely related to work.  And since I usually spend the majority of my mental energy on topics closely related to what I'm working on, it seemed most ethical to cut back a lot on anything that could look like vendor opinions or technology which might come up in the course of my job.

Being at Cloudera is somewhat easier in that respect.  Cloudera is a software company and so the field of what's "work related" is pretty clear.  I would define it as our products as well as those of our partners and competitors.  That's still a lot of technology, but it's nothing like being at Booz Allen where I felt that any product or company in the broad "IT" space was something I wanted to shy away from.

Again, these restrictions really have been mainly self imposed.  I'm sure that Cloudera would love for me to write a lot of glowing praise about our products (and we do have great products!), but this is my personal web site and I try to keep my content here separate from what I do during the day.  So I don't foresee myself writing too much about Hadoop here.  But there are plenty of other tech topics that interest me and I hope that I'll find the bandwidth to start writing more on this site again.