Spotify Removes 5 Play Limit for Free Users in the UK...But Why?

Spotify has announced that they no longer limit free subscribers to five plays per song for users in the UK.  While I'm sure this is welcome news to Spotify customers who don't want to pay for the service, I don't see the wisdom of this business decision.  There have been a number of articles about Spotify's business model losing them a lot of money and being unsustainable.  I'm not privy to their internal financials but I would have to think that they make more from their paying subscriber's subscription revenue than from monitizing free subscribers through advertising.

I like Spotify's service a lot and have been a paying member since the day they launched in the US.  For less than the price of buying one album per month, I have access to most of the music I would want to listen to.  That's a great value proposition for me and the service is well executed so I would be very unhappy if anything were to happen to them.  I would rather see them cut loose the long term free users if it would put the company in a stronger financial position.  Of course they will always have to offer some type of free trial, as you really need to take this type of service for a test drive before buying.  Although, then again, for $10 per month maybe you don't.