First Few Months with an iPad


I mentioned a few months ago that I was planning to get an iPad 3 when they were released. I did get one and now that I've had it for a few months I thought I'd post my initial impressions and experiences. There have been plenty of reviews of the iPad and while the latest iteration is only a few months old, the product has been on the market in earlier incarnations for several years. So the point of this is not necessarily to write something novel, but rather how the iPad has been improving and enhancing my life in particular. This is one of the longer posts I've written in a while, so for the attention span challenged the summary is that it's an awesome and transformational device; including some ways in which I had not anticipated.

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Moved to Squarespace

So, I have now moved to Squarespace.  It wasn't too bad to get my content over, although I suspect that some of my links from the past 7 years are probably broken.  Squarespace tries to rewrite them properly but I would be very surprised if it's 100%.

I'm not sure that there is an immediate huge benefit, but it's nice to think that I don't have to worry about keeping my WordPress site updated with all the latest patches (which I wasn't actually doing).

One thing I am not super excited about is that the Archives are no longer expandable and grouped by year.  From what I can see, my options are weekly or monthly.  Hopefully there is a workaround which I don't know about.  I think Squarespace is supposed to be coming out with their new release soon, so if there isn't in version 5 perhaps there is in version 6.