Taking a step back from social media

If my memory serves me, the first social media site of which I was a member was Ryze, a business networking site created by Adrian Scott. It was LinkedIn before LinkedIn. My first personal social media experience was probably on Friendster. Then Myspace. Livejournal. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. A panoply of others.

Thinking back on it, I’ve been a regular user of social media platforms for almost 20 years. But recently I have decided to take a step back. Plenty has been written about the pros and cons of social media. I don’t see any point in writing a long critique of the merits and social ills of participating in these sites. I have found them at times invaluable in learning about the lives, and sometimes deaths, of the people I know. A diaspora that spans the world, but is clustered in the continental United States.

I have decided to take a break mainly because I don’t want to judge my life based on the curated appearance of other’s lives. I also don’t feel the need to participate in discussions which nearly always degenerate to arguments. I find that it is lowering my opinion of the world, making me judgemental, and not serving my happiness.

I am keeping my art and photography Instagram accounts because that is more about fearless public exploration of a new passion in the case of the art account and social media marketing (sort of…maybe…some day) with the photography account. With each of those accounts I curate my feed to be art and artistically inspiring accounts and accounts that have wonderful photography, respectively.

Who knows; maybe this will inspire me to update this web site more than once a year.

At a minimum I do plan to start cross posting the imagery I share on Instagram to this site.