Thinking about cover art for Pandora’s Notebook

I have pushed past the end of Act II and am solidly in the writing of the first draft of Act III in Pandora’s Notebook.

I’ve started to think about cover art for the book. I was reminded of a painting I did some time ago that might fit one of the scenes in the book and could make for good cover art. I decided to take a quick picture of the painting using my AmazonBasics photo studio light box.

I bought the light box a while ago to shoot some jewelry for a friend’s Etsy store, but I haven’t used it in ages and I was glad to have an excuse to break it out last night. I didn’t go to the trouble of taking out my Nikon, so this is an iPhone photo but perfectly cromulent I think.

I shot it in the middle of the night and this morning I noticed how severely the painting is at an angle. My first impulse was to “fix” it, but I think it adds character. The painting, both in real life and in the scene in the book, is about imperfections and things not always getting wrapped up neatly.