I first got interested in photography some years ago when a friend of mine got a 10 megapixel Olympus point and shoot some time around 2007.  After playing with his camera and having way too much fun, I decided to get my own.  I shot with the Olympus for several years but I found that I was limited in what I could do with a point and shoot, particularly with respect to low light photography and being able to make artistic choices about things like subject compression, depth of field, and bokeh.

After some time debating between Nikon and Canon, I purchased and shot with a Canon 5D Mark II full frame DSLR for several years. It was a fantastic camera but I got out of photography for a few years and got rid of my equipment. A decision I immediately regretted. When I returned to photography I bought my current camera which is a Nikon D750.

I have shot several gallery showings as well as a calendar for a popular lounge in Washington, DC.

A sample of my photography is available here under my portfolio page. I am also on Instagram as @mridley_photography. My Instagram tends to be updated more than this site.