Well it's not as slick and integrated as I wanted it to be, however has launched. This is my general purpose wiki/shownotes site for any and all pod- and vid-casters. Basically taking the work we did with Adam Curry's DSC and making it generally available to anyone.

It was a hard decision to launch today, because I still do not have all the features I want or things nearly as integrated as I want. But I think it's the sort of thing where it will never be "ready" so I may as well just launch. I'm hoping a lot of people start using it so I can get additional feedback which can drive development.

Certain things I know we need - like an RSS feed generator. Others may want features I'm sure I haven't even thought of yet. I do have a short list of features that are on my "nice to have" list, so we'll see how soon I can get those cranked out.

I've stuck with MediaWiki as the backend wiki, and put up a Joomla site as the introduction/splash screen. Again it's not as integrated as I want but's a work in progress. Now all I need are tons of eager users. So everyone reading this, go sign up and send me feedback! :-)

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