Perhaps I Should Work for Burger King

I turned on my TV earlier and it was tuned to CNBC. I only caught the end snippet of the story, so I don't know all the context. With that disclaimer being stated, here is what I heard; apparently the Burger King franchisee who owns quite a few Burger King restaurants in the New Orleans area is very hard up for employees. Presumably a lot of people who worked at the Burger Kings are in shelters, etc. now and so while the buildings may be ready to re-open, the staff isn't available.

To remedy this, they are now offering a $6,000 signing bonus to start working at Burger King. I think I'm going to use that as a bargaining position when I go in for interviews next week. "Hm...that compensation package is okay, I guess, but I mean...Burger King offers people $6,000 signing bonuses to work at the drive thru, so what can you do for me?"

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