Best Coverville Ev-ar

So I decided I wanted to listen to some podsafe music for a change. I subscribe to Coverville but I tend to not actually listen to it...well..sometimes I do. But I wanted to hear some new stuff so I decided to subscribe to the much-hyped Accident Hash. So the most recent episode of that was some wanna-be Lilith Fair cry-fest which was a non-starter for me. So then I checked out the prior episode - all holiday music - gag me with a spoon.

So I went back through the Coverville eps I hadn't listened to yet, and came upon Episode 134, A Tribute to CBGB. Now that's more like it. Johnette Napolitano covering Patti Smith? Yes please!

And speaking of Johnette Napolitano, apparently the Blonde is back and I didn't get the memo. Did you know that Concrete Blonde released an album last year? I didn't. But you better believe I will be checking that out.