Tivo + Rocketboom

I purchased a Tivo the other day. We already had a Tivo in the house - my roomate has an old Series 1 model. I was feeling left out, however, in the wake of the recent Tivo Online Services announcements. So I went out and got a Series 2. I've signed up for the Online Service access, but we'll see when that gets activated.

In the mean time I was clicking around, playing with HMO (my last Tivo that I bought for myself was a DirecTivo so we never had any of the cool network-enabled features like HMO or Online Scheduling). In the Showcases I happened to notice Rocketboom. Yes, Rocketboom the vidcast. It turns out that Tivo has just launched a trial whereby people with Internet-connected Series 2 Tivos can download Rocketboom to watch on their TV. The actual downloads are not scheduled to start until Monday, so we'll see how it works in practice. I'm excited at the prospect. Not just because I like Rocketboom, but because I think the larger concept of using the Internet as a delivery mechanism for niche video content is going to be TV 2.0 and will change everything.

So we'll see.

I hope my other favorite vidcasts like Diggnation and commandN sign up with Tivo. They belong on my television.

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