... You're Killing Me!

Very strange problem today. I noticed earlier that my RSS feed was reporting as broken in Bloglines. Also I noticed my site traffic today was down to NOTHING. Now I know this is not the most popular web site on the Internet, but it's odd to go down to barely anything out of nowhere. But I double checked everything and it looked good to me.

I was looking at the stats again, and I realized that my last visitor was around 7 AM (it being almost midnight now). "Hmmm..." I thought, "perhaps this is a DNS issue" I then remembered that I had created a static entry in my local hosts file for this domain so I could set the site up before the DNS changes had propagated. Sure enough, when I check in DNS instead of the local hosts file, my site resolved back to one of GoDaddy's hosts and upon opening the URL I find that it's using an ooooold redirect I had set up ages ago to point to a static page.

I went back into the GoDaddy user admin panel and I think I've fixed everything now, but I am not sure why that would happen all of a sudden. Overall I've had a great experience with GoDaddy as a registrar and my NS server. Perhaps it's a coincedence, but today is the expiration/renewal date for this domain. Maybe that's what set their servers all a-flutter.

Very strange.