Home Networking

I had written on my dearly departed other site about my quest for broadband at my new place. Well, I have my Speakeasy DSL up and running now. So far, so good. I do consider it to be a bit pricey, but I'm getting the speed advertised and I do like the "no-BS" approach they have. No port blocking. 8 static IPs. Sane AUP. Good stuff.

In between my home network and my DSL modem, I have a Linksys WRT54GS router/firewall/wireless access point. I installed the Sveasoft Alchemy firmware, and have set up some nifty firewall rules with the excellent FWBuilder application. I hadn't used FWBuilder before, but it's very straightforward to setup firewall and NAT policies and then deploy them. The interface reminds me a bit of the CheckPoint firewall admin GUI. Check it out if you're in the need for such things. It supports various *NIX based firewalling schemes (iptables, ipchains, etc.) and I believe there is some plugin support for it to generate Cisco PIX rules as well, though I've not used that.

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