After the meltdown of this site at its last home, I bit the bullet and signed up for a paid hosting deal via Dreamhost. My friend Eugene turned me on to them, as he has apparently been a happy customer for a while. I've only been using them maybe a month or so, but so far so good.

They seem a little more technically "with it" than some other bargain basement hosting providers I've looked at and/or used in the past. They have this "one-click" install thing where you can setup various services such as wordpress, mysql databases, etc. via their web control panel. Normally this is the type of thing I would scoff at, but, in this case it is actually quite well implemented and handy. I'm not technically averse to doing that kind of thing myself, but hey...I like one-click simplicity as much as the next guy.

The real reason I'm writing this, though, is I just received my first customer e-mail newsletter. I'm sure you know how those things typically go. I get them from Earthlink. I have gotten them from PacBell/SBC/whatever they're called today. I've gotten them from cable providers. Normally they're quite lame and boring. The Dreamhost newsletter is a bit...different. Apparently the guy wrote the newsletter while riding on a Santa Monica city bus. In addition to all the news and updates about Dreamhost and their services (which I care about marginally), I got to hear about his overheard conversations on the bus. These Dreamhost people are kind of cracked-out. In a good way.