Speakeasy Technical Support

As I have written, I have Speakeasy DSL service at home. It's somewhat faster than the competing DSL offerings from Verizon, etc. but fairly pricey at the same time. I chose Speakeasy not so much for the added speed (at some point it doesn't make all that much difference), but more for their reputation as being a more technically savvy ISP and I liked the static IPs and lack of port filtering.

Since my DSL was activated about a month or 6 weeks ago, I have had pretty flakey connectivity. When my DSL was working, it was great- super speedy. But for some reason it was dropping out a lot. I had opened a ticket online with Speakeasy and they checked the DSLAM port but couldn't find any problems, so they suggested I call in when I was experiencing trouble and they'd be better able to troubleshoot the problem. I put off doing that cuz...well, I'm a procrastinator. But finally it became unbearable, so Friday night I called Speakeasy tech support.

I was a little frustrated that I am paying a fairly substantial amount of money for Internet service that isn't..well..working. But, my tech support call experience reminded me why I am paying the extra money. Fantastic support. It's so refreshing to speak to tech support personnel who actually know what they're talking about and have access to tools to actually fix things. It turns out that my house is a little farther from the CO than their database provided by the ILEC had indicated and so there were a lot of errors on the line. The tech support person was able to set my line into "safe mode" which apparently increases the latency on the line and reduces errors. Sure enough, once he had set the line to "safe mode" it came back up and has been quite stable for the past several days.

The downside is that the download speed is decreased, so I'm getting about 3.3 Mbps down now, but really that's fine. As long as it's stable I'm happy with 3.3 Mbps. Anyway the point of this is just that there are so many gripes about tech support, I thought it would be nice to recognize good quality tech support when you get it. And I definitely did with Speakeasy.

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