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Ah, good stuff. I've been watching the news lately and...I just can't make this stuff up. The Hurricane Rita coverage is so over the top. I was watching one of the cable news networks and they decided to "expand" their coverage to include other weather related dangers. Even if you don't live in a hurricane zone, you can still be afraid to go outside. Don't worry. Apparently there are OVER 20 MILLION LIGHTNING STRIKES each year in the US. They didn't cover how many of those actually cause any injuries. Probably about 2. That's not as dramatic.

Then there was the JetBlue emergency landing where the plane had a problem with its landing gear. Of course the fun twist to this story is that since JetBlue has DirecTV satellite television service on its planes, the passengers could watch the "experts" on CNN speculate about their imminent firey death.

I think it's a good time to listen to Chris Pirillo's excellent coverage of Hurricane Dennis as weather correspondent for Adam Curry's Daily Source Code from earlier this summer. This clip is from Daily Source Code #207 from July 11, 2005.

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