Need a Laptop

Not having a laptop any more has become such a productivity suck. My old ibook died almost a year ago now, and I really need to replace it. I hate to spend the money, and certainly I won't be until I get my job situation clarified. Still, it's hard to have to do all my online work from my PC in the basement. That environment is not conducive to focus and efficiency.

I know if I could take a laptop to Starbucks and get online there, as I used to do, I would get a lot more done. This is killing me on Showbiz News - Online as I just cannot get a second episode out for some reason. The recording process is quick enough but the preproduction work of keeping on top of dozens or hundreds of news stories and editing down to the top few is just not happening.

And I'd say is also suffering. Granted the site is up and stable and running fine, but I am not getting the feature enhancements developed. And that's unfortunate for the users.

So even though I'm cheap, I may have to break down at get a Macbook Pro when they come out. Perhaps it will pay for itself in the end by allowing me to ramp up on Showbiz News - Online and sell ads, as well as pushing the ClickGrid advertising on more (plug! plug!).