I watched this movie Havoc on cable recently. I'm pretty sure that I found out about it from Alex Albrecht, as I recall him mentioning on diggnation that Anne Hathaway was in a very non-Disney movie. And unless she's a total freak-a-leek, I suppose he was referring to Havoc. It's about a "gang" of priviledged high school kids growing up in Pacific Palisades who decide to slum it in downtown LA. Overall the movie isn't fantastic, and the subject of a growing up with priviledge yet feeling alienated and struggling to pacify one's personal demons was better covered by Kirsten Dunst in Crazy/Beautiful. Nevertheless, Anne Hathaway has her top off in every other scene (yes the girl from the Princess Diairies) which makes Havoc very watchable. Yeah yeah, I'm no Pauline Kahle, but this isn't Last Tango in Paris either.