Screwed by car insurance.  Story of my life - having problems that other people just don't have.  I got pulled over for an illegal left turn the other day.  Not a big deal really.  But it turns out that my license was suspended, which I didn't know because I didn't update my address with the DMV when I moved.  So I ended up having to take a cab home and a cab to work.  Then I walked to the DMV to see what was up with my license.

It turns out that my license was suspended because I let the car insurnace lapse on my car that has a broken timing belt that is not driveable.  I had insurance on the car that I actually drive, mind you.  But apparently that's not allowed.  So I had to pay $580 to get my license back, plus another $85 to transfer the title for the car that I am driving (which I needed to do anyway and just hadn't got around to).  So $700 later I have my license back.  Oh, and I had to add my dead car on to my insurance policy, and call my insurance company to let them know that I am now a super high risk scary driver.

Fan-fucking-tastic.  Story of my life.