If there's one thing in my life that these years have taught, it's that you can always see it coming but you can never stop it

I've seen documentaries on the animal channel or whatever where they show animals that are about to die who know it and separate themselves from the pack and go off alone to kick the bucket. My friend that I wrote of seems to be falling all the much farther and faster. She quit her job and canceled her cell phone service so no one can reach her. I don't think these are good signs.

I am not really an animal person, and watching a dog run off to die doesn't particularly move me. Seeing it happen to someone I love is making me physically ill.

(while it should not need explaining, my entry title is from Bea's Song by the Cowboy Junkies and while I'm sure everyone has Lay It Down, I have included a handy link to purchase it if you have lost your copy)