Il Fornaio Exclusive

I bring you, gentle readers, an anecdote and a breaking news exclusive as well. The other day I was chatting with my California buddy Jen online, and I was thinking about how I used to enjoy eating at Il Fornaio with some regularity when I lived in the Bay Area (Burlingame one is the best, for the record).

So anyway I figured I'd drop them a line to suggest they open one in the DC area. I mean, they have that feedback form on their web site - isn't that what it's for? And I'm sure they do their strategic planning based upon unsolicited advice from the Internet - who wouldn't?

So I dropped them a line to suggest they open one in DC, or better yet closer to me in Northern Virginia - specifically I think Tyson's Corner or Reston would be great locations. I clicked submit and figured I may as well not hold my breath on that, since the closest location they have currently is Denver.

Sure enough, about 15 minutes later I got a reply from a nice young lady over at Il Fornaio (well I have no idea if she was nice or young, but given her name I feel pretty confident on the lady part of my charcterization). She informed me that in Spring/Summer of 2007 they are indeed opening an Il Fornaio in Reston. How exciting is that?

Ah, the power of the Internet. You want something, and all you have to do is send an email. Since I'm sure it was my suggestion that put them over the top on their decision to open the Virginia restaurant.

In any event, I'm looking forward to eating there.