The Real Use of Yahoo RSS Ads

I added Yahoo RSS ads back to my feed the other day. I used to have them, and then I think one of my Wordpress upgrades killed them and I didn't notice and/or forgot about it. The thing is, the ads (at least for me) are totally irrelevant to the content and thus produce no revenue. Not that any ads on this site produce any revenue. Probably since nobody reads this site. Go figure.

But there is a real benefit to the Yahoo RSS ads, even if it's not monetary. It lets me see how many people read the site through RSS (not that many). Up until now there hasn't really been a good way to do that. I can look at how many times the feed was downloaded, but since any subscriber's RSS reader will check the feed a bunch of times that data means nothing. Granted I could write a program to analyze the log files in a more involved way ot perhaps get better numbers. But it's not worth it to me.

Plus subscribers reading through web-based aggregators like Bloglines or My Yahoo! would never show up in that way.

Granted it would be possible to put a small image "bug" in the RSS feed content, which is what I would have done if I cared. But it's nicer to just look at my Yahoo RSS numbers. Although, nicer is a relative term, since the number of readers is really small. Oh well. This isn't a commercial web site, so I suppose I don't care.

If I wanted to write a "blog" site to get rich from, this wouldn't be it. (it would be the blog/podcast Showbiz News - Online which I will, some day, revive)

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