Google Co-Op Should Integrate into Google Notebook

Google Labs has a co-op project to provide better quality, more targeted searches, as a function of expert editorial assistance. Google Notebook is also geared toward the web researcher. Why not integrate the two?

Years ago when I was lamenting the suckiness of browser bookmarks and wishing for something like furl or I was contemplating starting such a service. Neither of those services existed (to my knowledge) and the Web 2.0 buzzword wasn't in high gear, nor was the concept of tagging. So I was trying to think of whether there was a way to actually monetize such a service, in thinking over whether it would make a good startup idea.

I ultimately didn't think the money would be big enough, but one revenue stream I had was the concept of subject matter experts creating link "bundles" (sort of like the current concept of a tag), and possibly a serious researcher would subscribe to get access to these expert link bundles. So for instance if I were doing research on cancer, perhaps I (or my library) would pay for access to very focused link bundles created by recognized cancer research experts at leading universities and drug companies.

And perhaps these link bundles could also include those experts' commentary. Well, in my case I never followed through on that idea. But it seems to me that this vision would be realized with the marraige of Google Labs' co-op and notebook projects.

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