Reality TV Show Pitch

I'm not a big fan of reality television. Or more accurately, I enjoy celebrity reality TV (Hogan Knows Best and the like), but shows like Survivor or Big Brother do nothing for me. Call me high brow, but I like a scripted comedy or dramatic series.

Having said that, I do have an idea for a reality show that I would enjoy watching. So here's my pitch to the world. Most of these shows are about trying to win the big prize - typically a sizeable amount of money. But what if that were the beginning of the show, not the end?

What if you picked the winner on the first episode, and gave them a couple million dollars, and then followed them around for a few months to see how their lives changed. NBC is doing a similar thing with the dramatic series Windfall - but why not do it for real?

Depending on who you picked to be the "winner", I think a lot of drama and humor could be found in taking someone to a Ferrari dealership for the first time, or out to a $200/plate restaurant, or to a money manager's office.

I think a good title for this reality program would be Nouveau Riche and if someone would like to front some sponsorship money I'd be happy to executive produce an online version of it.