Seven Songs Seldom Seen

I was talking to my roomate the other day, and he mentioned Toad the Wet Sprocket was playing a gig in Northern Virginia. This already happened, and alas I missed it. But on a lark I thought I'd check out their web site today to see if they were going to play any more local gigs (nope, sadly not).

I used to be a huge Toad fan - it's not that I'm not now, but they broke up a long time ago. Apparently they reunited just for the tour, and whether any further studio output is forthcoming remains to be seen.

I was clicking around on their site and saw they have an online store. I used to have a collection of their videos on VHS called Seven Songs Seldom Seen (I told you I was a fan). Alas I have no idea what happened to that video, so I thought I'd see if it were available for purchase.

It's not.

But they do have the videos (I think they're the same videos) available for free on their web site. Check 'em out! Gotta love the Internet.