MySpace Comedy - I Finally Understand the Business Model

I've written before on social networking (see here for earlier thoughts). My thesis is that it's an interesting idea, but not a standalone play. I've had a hard time understanding the valuation and hype of MySpace. But I read this article about MySpace Comedy and I think I finally get it.

MySpace isn't a social networking site. MySpace is a content site for music, "flim", comedy, and probably whatever other media they can think of. The social networking aspect is to help in promotion of content viewing. It allows content creators (musicians, comedians) to be seen by a viral social base.

This model makes sense to me. Content marketing and distribution companies make sense to me. I know I'm late to the game on understanding what they're doing, but I'm glad that it validates my earlier feeling that social networking is a component, just like a user registration or e-mail system is a compoent of many web sites, but is not a standalone service.

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