Frustration with Google Spreadsheet

I have found a missing feature in Google Spreadsheet that is basically a deal breaker. I was creating a schedule spreadsheet that I need to share with someone, and which may be updated continually. Perfect use of Google Spreadsheet, right? Well, yes and no.

This is a very simple spreadsheet with a couple of basic formulae and a list of weeks throughout the year. Unfortunately when I went to drag the edge of the cell to auto-fill the weeks column I realized there's no way to do that. I tried selecting two dates and then pasting into the empty space, but that didn't work (just pasted those two dates over and over). Oddly the same behavior did work with the formuale - they updated the cell range on paste.

I was able to workaround by using OpenOffice to auto-fill a spreadsheet with a year's worth of weeks, and then pasting it into Google Spreadsheet, but that is hardly satisfactory. If Google doesn't have this basic functionality that is used by almost anyone who needs a spreadsheet, they have a lot of work to do on this product.

I haven't tried to set the thing up for sharing yet. I'm hoping that's easy...if not, there may be another post here shortly.

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