Ajax in Action

My web design skills have atrophied over the years, and the technology has passed me by. My main career path is in UNIX infrastructure, so I stay pretty far removed from anything that actually involves web design. Unfortunately there are a lot more freelance jobs for web developers than for infrastructure automation perl coders, so I thought it might be time to refresh my web design knowledge. I picked up Ajax in Action in the hopes of catapulting my JavaScript knowledge to the forefront of Web 2.0. Or something like that.

I've been reading the book off and on for the past couple weeks, and I really like it. It's well organized and is fairly comprehensive for the prospective Web 2.0 coder. It covers not only the mechanics of how to make things flashy in JavaScript, but also how to design and develop for scale and supportability. Issues such as code refactoring, the Model-View-Controller approach, effective UI design, and code profiling are covered as well as the nuts and bolts of the JavaScript required to display it all.

If you're looking for a good introduction to Ajax-style development, I highly reccomend this book. I do think that I may pick up O'Reilly's JavaScript: The Definitive Guide for a more thorough coverage of all the details of JavaScript. And I'm curious to check out Prototype and Scriptaculous in Action as well.