Moving on from QuickPlayer

I wrote a month ago that I have been evaluating the Blackberry media player QuickPlayer. I think I'm going to cancel my subscription, as I don't see the point. From what I can tell the content available on QuickPlayer is not really "premium" - it's just a few selected podcasts that happen to be aggregated in their interface. I'd rather listen to podcasts on my iPod.

The fact that the audio content is available on my Blackberry I like, as I have my Blackberry with me more frequently than I have my iPod with me. Unfortunately the user experience with QuickPlayer is just not worth paying for. It' s a streaming podcast system (along the lines of TiVo's podcast functionality), but there is no rewind or fast forward. If I am interrupted in my listening and inadvertently close the application, I have to start listening to the program again from the beginning. Also, since the content seems to be arbitrary podcasts that the QuickPlayer programmers have selected, why can't I add my own podcast playlists?

I like the concept behind QuickPlayer and I'm willing to pay for media on my Blackberry, but unfortunately this product is not yet mature enough to warrant my continued subscription fee.

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