Continuing Education

While I have had a fairly successful and varied career, one of the things that I never did was complete my bachelor's degree.  When I dropped out of Virginia Tech back in 1997 the economy was quite good and there were plenty of jobs so my lack of a degree wasn't a huge issue.

Over the years I've developed a strong resume and my lack of formal education doesn't ever really come up on the job or in interviews.  I've thought about going back to school a few times over the years, but undergraduate work doesn't really interest me and it doesn't impact my career, so I have never found the motivation to make the large time commitment to return to school.  I think would enjoy grad school, but it hasn't been appealing enough for me to make the effort to complete my undergraduate in order to get there.

Now that I have started working for a school I think my attitude is changing.  It's starting to bother me that I'm the only one in the room without a graduate degree.  I'm not sure if this is just a transitional pain associated with being in a new job environment or if this is going to actually motivate me to go back and continue my education.

Time will tell.