Car Fiasco

This is not my summer for automobiles.  My 1993 Crown Victoria had all sorts of problems; there was a coolant leak which had seeped through the spark plugs and gunked up the cylinders with antifreeze.  So about $2000 later that was all fixed and while my emissions still failed I spent so much money that I got a waiver to renew my registration.  Approximately two weeks after that the transmission overheated and burned up the clutch plates and simultaneously the air suspension gave out in the rear.  Being fed up with the car I got rid of it and bought a 1990 Lincoln Town Car.

So far, so good.  That was fairly reliable for a month or so, but then the other day I went to start it and the starter wouldn't turn the engine over.  I replaced the battery and was back on the road.  But it turns out it wasn't the battery, it was the alternator.  Except, actually it wasn't the alternator it was a short in the wiring harness.  Which caught fire this morning as I was driving to my new job that I started this week.

I've never actually driven a car while it's on fire.  It's not as fun as it might sound.  Well it might be more fun if it's not your car.  When it's your only car it's less fun.

Luckily someone I knew was passing by when all this happened and she gave me a ride to work.  And my other friend has let me borrow his car to get around for this evening.  But it remains that I need to fix these electrical issues as I can't be without a car.

So I called my friend who works at a dealership in the collision repair department to see about getting parts.  Well it turns out there are a number of different wiring harnesses all of which are special order items from far away that will not be available before some time next week.  So who knows what I'll do between now and then.  It will all work out, but it's a frustrating way to spend the week and start a new job.  Oh well.