Spook Country and other William Gibson Thoughts

As I wrote here a few months ago (1, 2), I picked up a copy of Mona Lisa Overdrive for some light reading while I was in California.  I finished the book in a few days and was reasonably entertained.  I still have yet to read Count Zero.  A while back, I'd read Pattern Recognition and enjoyed it a lot.  I really like books along the lines of Pattern Recognition or Cryptonomicon which are more "technology fiction" rather than "science fiction".  I saw that Gibson had come out with Spook Country, a sort of sequel to Pattern Recognition.  I liked Pattern Recognition and I like the "technology fiction" genre, so I picked it up.

Unfortunately it didn't grip me in the way that Pattern Recognition did.  I am not sure why not.  Perhaps I didn't find the characters as likable or compelling.  Perhaps the specifics of the mysterious plot unveiling didn't interest me as much as in his previous book.  Or perhaps it was due to the often very short chapters and skipping back and forth between characters and points of view.

In any case, for die hard William Gibson fans it's worth a read.  But I didn't find it all that gripping.

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