Thinking About Migrating from MediaWiki to Semantic MediaWiki

I have been thinking about migrating from MediaWiki to Semantic MediaWiki for my personal wiki.  As I've written before (1, 2), I use MediaWiki as a personal document management system as well as a personal information system.  I use it as an electronic filing cabinet as well as a notepad where I make notes to remember for later, brainstorm ideas for future projects, etc.

It actually has worked out really well, but a lot of the information in the system has semantic attributes.  Unfortunately because it's a free text wiki that metadata and the relationships between the data in my wiki is not available.

I haven't really spent much time looking into Semantic MediaWiki and I won't have time in the near future due to some projects at Communications Tool & Die, but I do want to find a way to leverage the semantic qualities of the data in my personal wiki.  I'm not sure if Semantic Wiki is necessarily the correct solution but I'm going to look into it further.

If anyone has any experience with Semantic MediaWiki I'd love to hear it!