Moved to Squarespace

So, I have now moved to Squarespace.  It wasn't too bad to get my content over, although I suspect that some of my links from the past 7 years are probably broken.  Squarespace tries to rewrite them properly but I would be very surprised if it's 100%.

I'm not sure that there is an immediate huge benefit, but it's nice to think that I don't have to worry about keeping my WordPress site updated with all the latest patches (which I wasn't actually doing).

One thing I am not super excited about is that the Archives are no longer expandable and grouped by year.  From what I can see, my options are weekly or monthly.  Hopefully there is a workaround which I don't know about.  I think Squarespace is supposed to be coming out with their new release soon, so if there isn't in version 5 perhaps there is in version 6.

Thinking about moving to SquareSpace

I've had this site running Wordpress for years and years, but I'm seriously considering moving to Squarespace. From what I've seen they have a fantastic platform, great features, and reasonable pricing. There's something very appealing about not having to think about any of the back end technology. I do plenty of technical stuff all day every day; I'm not missing out on anything by not having to maintain a personal web site.

The real question is whether migrating would result in my writing more...of that I'm not so sure.

Guess I Should Take Down My Convore Wordpress Plugin

With Convore shutting down at the end of the month, I suppose I should take my plugin page down. So much for my first foray into publishing something open source :)

I wish Leah Culver the best with her continuing work at Grove.

On a more meta note, I'm writing this post on the Wordpress app for the iPad. Surprisingly quick and efficient even without a Bluetooth keyboard.

First Thoughts on Apple's Messages App for OS X

I downloaded the Messages app beta for OS X today and have been using it for an hour or two. I'm really glad they have released this beta prior to the actual launch of Mountain Lion, as it should have been built into Lion from the start. But it doesn't seem like it's quite there yet.

The app itself works well as far as sending and receiving messages from my friend on her iPhone, and it shows the delivery status as with iMessage on the iPhone. After I went through the initial setup and entered my Apple account/iCloud credentials it was able to pull down my address book from iCloud.

Messages does not have any way of indicating if my contacts have an iMessage capable device. It would be nice if it had a feature to automatically filter my contacts, because there's no point in showing me contacts who I can't actually communicate with through Messages. It does know that someone is not iMessage capable because if you try to send a message to someone's phone who is not a iMessage user it displays a popup informing you that you can't send a message to them, so hopefully that capability will be in the final release.

Another limitation, which might be a feature, is that the chat history is not currently synched between Messages on my laptop and the iMessage app on my phone. On the one hand I'm not sure that I necessarily want all my instant messages going through Apple. On the other hand, they already get my message history when my phone backs up to iCloud so it wouldn't be giving up any more privacy than I already do. Given that, it would be nice to have a consistent chat history across devices synched through iCloud.

Is JavaServer Faces a good technology choice?

I'm working on a new idea that I think could be pretty big, but right now I'm the sole developer. It's a Java web application and I'm trying to decide what to do about the front end markup. I'm contemplating JavaServer Faces since that's the currently suggested Java web markup language. My concern is that if the idea turns into something bigger than just me working on it in my apartment and additional front end web people are brought on, will they have any idea about JavaServer Faces? It seems like web people know PHP, maybe Python, Ruby on Rails, things like that. So I wonder if going with JSF is going to screw me down the line if I try to bring on additional people? I really don't know how much mindshare Facelets have.

Not that anyone reads this site, but input is appreciated.