Upgraded to Eclipse Juno

I haven't been doing as much Java programming lately and the Eclipse version on my laptop had fallen behind, so I upgraded to Juno.  I upgraded because it's the latest version, but I was curious about the changes and feature enhancements.  Unfortunately the Eclipse Foundation does not seem to have done a very good job of communicating that information.

The Eclipse Juno page has a scrolling ticker of Juno features, but some of them are outside of the actual Eclipse core IDE project and a lot of them seem to be targeted at people who actually write plugins and applications for the Eclipse platform itself.  That's fine, except I don't do that so I'm not really all that interested in that information.

There is a link titled "Eclipse 4 features" on the main Juno page, but the page it actually links to is about the Eclipse 4.x SDK and more information about writing applications on top of Eclipse.  Again, all good things I'm sure but totally unrelated to anything I actually do.  I find it kind of surprising that they don't have a simple Changelog/New Features (of the IDE!) page.  Oh well, I guess I have gained some unknown advantages by upgrading.