Really Impressed with SquareSpace

While this is not the most high traffic site on the Internet and a week or two of downtime would not really matter, I have been impressed with SquareSpace's ability to keep their infrastructure going during the Hurricane Sandy situation in New York.  SquareSpace has kept up a very transparent public blog on and while they originally expected to suffer a multi-day outage as a result of losing power and their colo building's basement being flooded, they have managed to keep everything online working closely with their data center provider Peer1.

It does warrant keeping in mind, as I wrote in my last update, that this is not actually highly available infrastructure.  If SquareSpace really wanted high availability they would need to have redundant systems in place provided by a data center in another geographic locale.  But that may be cost prohibitive for them to implement.  So definite bonus points for making the most of the resources they have!  And even more bonus points for the transparent and candid status updates.